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  • 7 day access to members only online gym
  • 7 days of online personal training and lifestyle coaching
  • 7 days of workout videos
  • 7 day nutritional plan and recipes
  • 7 day workout schedule

Knowledge is the key to optimal health and wellbeing. Take the first step and start your Square One Journey now.


Online Gym Membership – $14.95 / month

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  • HD Video workouts – new workouts weekly
  • Workouts for everyone beginner to advanced
  • New nutritional information and meal plans weekly
  • Weekly Fit Tips and Member Updates
  • Weekly Workout Schedules
  • Access to all workout programs and new programs
  • 30 Day money back guarantee!

Introducing the Online Fitness Gym. The online gym has workout programs for everyone, workouts you can do anywhere and anytime. Most workouts are under 15 minutes and this is all you need if its the right type of exercise. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced exerciser we have something for you.

But that’s not all, diet is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle and we have nutritional guidance, meal plans, recipes and schedules to compliment your workouts.

The last piece of your health journey is living well. Discover how you too can achieve health and wellbeing.

New workouts and information loaded almost daily.

SQ1 28 Day Program – $49.95

  • High intensity results driven video workouts
  • Nutrition guides, recipes and meal plans
  • Detailed step by step program
  • Online personal training support and guidance
  • Detailed 28 day manual with all you will need to know to lose weight and transform your body

This is a complete holistic Fitness, Nutrition and Living Well Program that will transform your body and give you the knowledge to maintain it for life.

Instead of focusing on fat loss we focus on health and wellbeing. Fat loss will happen because of the lifestyle changes we will make.

You will be investing 28 days into your health and wellbeing and creating the foundation for a lifelong journey of vitality, health and happiness. The SQ1 28 day program is about developing habits that make you feel amazing because they promote health.

I will be taking you through this program step by step, and when you complete the program in 28 days time, you will be looking and feeling better than you have ever felt.

SQ1 Ante Natal / Post Natal Program – $5.90 / month

  • HD Video Workouts – new workouts weekly
  • Workouts designed exclusively for pregnancy and post pregnancy
  • Nutrition in pregnancy and post-pregnancy
  • Weekly Workout Schedule
  • Quick recipes for busy mums that kids will love too
  • Personal trainer email contact at anytime
  • Weekly check-ins and motivation
  • Affordable monthly payment
  • Unsubscribe at any time.


This Antenatal/Postnatal Wellness program is suitable for anyone who wants to keep fit and healthy during and after pregnancy. The workouts are designed so you can start anytime throughout your pregnancy and we have post-pregnancy workouts as well. Whether you want to maintain fitness or start a fitness program this is the program for you.

This is a complete wellness program, so you will be given all the tools you need to keep fit and healthy through pregnancy and beyond.

Knowledge is the key to success, so let us help you look after yourself, so you can fully enjoy your beautiful new arrival.

  • What You Are Now Is What You Have Been

    What You Do Now is What You Will BE

    Seize the opportunity to get in the best shape for life

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  • Learn what foods to eat for optimal health and the one food to avoid to lose weight fast.

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  • I believe in the powerful connection between body, mind, soul and spirit. Learn the connection between life balance and weight loss.

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